Our goal is to enhance the product through excellence and engage in continuous research on flour, yeasting, cooking methods, and nutritional properties, in order to create combinations of flavors and fragrances in the name of originality and tradition.

Our dough is developed from baking processes using natural yeasts (and selected lactobacilli) and ancient native grains, 100% Italian, not genetically modified. The result of years of experience and slow experimentation carries out up to 50 hours of yeasting, to ensure the maximum digestibility of a dough that more than a pizza seems to give life to a cloud, tasty and extraordinarily light.

Stagionality and biodiversity are the main characters of our menu

Driven by the desire to create a unique product, we use only fresh vegetables from local vegetable gardens and huts, and cold cuts and cheeses from the best selected and certified farms.

The width and depth of our menu are designed to satisfy all tastes and needs.

We follow the rhythms of nature and the course of the seasons, in order to enhance the biodiversity of our territories and guarantee the freshness of the products. The harmony between the ingredients is born together with our pleasure and the taste of creating new pizzas. In addition to the wide choice of traditional tastes, let yourself be curious about the most delicious pizzas or those with a filled edge. For real gourmets!